In Magical Movement
I have to write this piece in English. Don’t know why, but I have to.
Last night was magical. While the energies are rising and we are in the middle of a giant storm, a huge transformation, they visited me.
I am a bit scared while I share this piece, because this story is one of the stories I often keep in my heart.
By sharing this, I really step out of a comfortzone, but I have no choice.
Their presence was so intens en sincere.
My starfamily from Orion brought me a visit and told me that it is time to activate the earth crystals. They named 7 crystals around the globe, wich are ready for activation and they will be connected with our own energy crystals.
When I told them that I don’t know how to, they told me:’ You have done this before. In Atlantis you were a keeper and activator of the holy crystals’. Oh, oke
This message really got to me and I feel the urgence and I have no other choice than fullfill this task.
I hope you will join this activation from these earthcrystals and make the connection with your own. To raise the vibration of the earth and yourself.
This activation will be on the 24th of juli at 20.20 uur.
I will host this live on You Tube. You will find the link here.
I don’t know how it will go, but we will be guided by those beautiful energies from the starbeings from Orion.
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